Current Members
Joe gazes off beyond the horizon and is almost smiling

Dr Joseph P. Montoya

The Professor and Head Honcho (he/him)

Dr. Montoya’s research focuses on the marine nitrogen cycle and the role of nitrogen-fixation in structuring the flow of nitrogen and carbon through planktonic ecosystems. His work is highly interdisciplinary, incorporating work in plankton biology, marine chemistry, and isotope biogeochemistry both at sea and in the lab. Dr. Montoya has worked extensively in offshore waters, as well as in coastal regions influenced by the freshwater plumes of large rivers including the Amazon, Mekong, and Mississippi. He has a strong interest in education and outreach and was a founding member of the Georgia Tech College of Sciences Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council.

Environmental Science and Technology (ES&T) 1244

Erica Strope

Lab Assistant and Certified GirlBoss (she/her)

Erica graduated with a B.S. in Earth and Environmental Sciences from Wright State University and M.S. in Integrative Biology from Kennesaw State University. After briefly working for The Ohio State University at Stone Laboratory, Erica became a Research Technician for Dr. Montoya at GA Tech in 2018. Erica has worked on nutrient collection methods in freshwater, sediment nitrogen transformation rates in seagrass beds, and is currently working on nutrient dynamics in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Besides running the day-to-day operations in the Montoya lab, she enjoys mentoring others, pepperoni rolls, cats, and horror movies. She hopes to graduate with her PhD and continue research in oceanography.

Environmental Science & Technology (ES&T)

Anh Pham

Graduate Student Assistant and Gym Bro (he/him)


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Zainab Al-Riyami

Graduate Student Assistant and Mystery (she/her)


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Arthur Buskes

Undergraduate Student Assistant and Verified(?) Cryptid (he/him)

Arthur is currently majoring in Computer Science for sure, maybe also Math, maybe not. He will be pursuing an MS in CS after his undergraduate career. He has done several internship companies ranging in size from a Fortune 500 to a startup. In the lab, he enjoys building tech stuff (including this website), automating processes to hopefully help Erica, and occasionally appearing to provide manual labor in-lab. Outside of lab, he enjoys drumming, drawing, cooking, raising plants, and reading.

NameRoleSemestersWhere They Are Now
Drake Lee PattersonGraduate studentxxxx 20xx – xxx 20xx???
Shannon SalterGraduate student???
Carla HorvathUndergraduate student???
Kristie YooGraduate student???
Bailey LinUndergraduate student???
Caroline ReddyResearch TechnicianGeorgia Department of Natural Resources
Nigel D’souzaPost-DocPostdoctoral Researcher at the University of Rhode Island, Bay Campus
Ana Fernandez CarreraPost-Doc
Sarah WeberGraduate studentPhD candidate at the IOW Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research, Warnemünde